Some of your Questions answered!

So you want a reliable cleaning company?

Then please ask these questions  and please see our answers!

How long has the company been trading?  2004
How many properties a year do they clean? 2-3000
Has the company public liability insurance cover? Yes
Does the insurance cover all work?  Yes
Does the company have documentary proof of cover?  Yes
Is the company a member of a respectable trade organization? Yes
Are all the chemicals bio friendly and deodorized? Yes
Do the chemicals meet British Standards? Yes
Is the company VAT registered? Yes
Is the company limited registered? Yes
Is the machinery less than five years old?  Yes
Do the Cleaners have more than 20 years in the trade?  Yes
Do the Cleaners apply protector separately?    Yes
Do the Cleaners move furniture where possible? Yes
Does the company provide expert advice free of charge? Yes
Does the company offer payment by debit or visa card?        Yes
Do they offer free no obligation quotations?                                Yes
Does the company have a quality web site? Yes

Prystine Limited can say yes to all these questions..if you find another company that can match all these points then yes it maybe down to the best price!

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